tips for taking outdoor photos

  • Take photos in the early morning and late afternoon when light is softer and longer shadows gives scenes a greater sense of depth and texture.
  • Animals are often easier to see at dawn or dusk, but be sure to use fast speed settings (say 400ISO) when shooting in low light conditions.
  • On sunny days avoid deep shadows by getting people to face the sun and remove their hat.
  • Keep shooting when the weather turns nasty -- some of the best photos are taking during, or just after storms.
  • Avoid camera shake in low light levels by resting the camera against a railing or tree.
  • Use a tripod whenever possible, even under good lighting conditions -- if nothing else it helps to concentrate on the perfect framing.
  • Don't use a polarizing filter when shooting into the sun -- streaks and flares can occur.
  • On white-sky days, include less of the sky choosing to concentrate on subjects close at hand. The softer light of overcast days is excellent for photographing the subtle textures in close-up

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